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TEX 640 Backfill Tamper

The TEX 640 backfill tamper is designed to efficiently compact loose backfill material around utility poles and foundations as well as backfilling trenches and road reapirs.  High blows per minute means that base material is compacted quickly and efficiently.  The TEX 640 features a built-in lubricator which allows for the correct amount of oil during operation.  An adjustable packing nut allows for proper readjustments as the packing set wears.

AC-9245997600 $1,010.00
Weight (lbs) 40
Length (in) 48.25
Air Consumption (cfm) 38.5
Impact Rate (blows/min) 800
Spare Parts List
Safety and Operating Instructions
9245998155 Packing Nut QUOTE
9245998160 6" Malleable Iron Butt $141.38
9245998165 Pole Butt $173.04
9245999028 3" Aluminum Butt $87.33