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TEX 40PE Paving Breaker

What more could you want from a class of heavy pneumatic breakers: good power-to-weight ratio, reduced noise and vibration, and extremely durable and productive. For years, these heavy TEX breakers have been proving their value to customers worldwide, under the most demanding of conditions.

This series incorporates the TEX 33PE and TEX 40PE with spring dampened handles allowing up to 7 times the trigger time of conventional fixed-handled machines at a given level of vibration-exposure for the operator. By reducing the in-use vibration value of the machine, Atlas Copco's HAPS system decreases the negative effects of harmful vibration at a given trigger time. Coupled with the slim silencers, which reduce the noise level by up to 75%, while still providing full view of the chisel, you have machines that can be used for a prolonged period and are extremely productive.

The various models in the series have many common parts and therefore your parts inventory can be kept to a minimum.


  • The slim silencer cuts noise level by up to 75% (as compared to the same machine without noise reduction) and provides the operator with a full view of the chisel.
  • The long piston head gives very good guidance in the cylinder, which reduces wear on both components.
  • Reduced wear - The anvil bock, a tried and tested design from earlier heavy models, not only helps handle the great impact energy, but also helps avoid damage to the hammer mechanism from worn out chisel shanks.
  • The air inlet swivel can be rotated when needed - even when pressurized.  This makes the TEX breaker one very maneuverable machine and together with its excellent balance, gives the oeprator an easy machine to work with, even under difficult worksite conditions.
  • An integrated lubricator helps minimize tool wear.  It holds enough lubricant to last an entire shift.  In freezing conditions, it can also be used for anti-freeze.
  • Spring dampened handles reduce the negative effects of harmful vibrations
  • Air cushioned action - When the machines are working off-load, the piston turns on air cushions at either end of the cylinder, virtually eliminating metal-to-metal contact and reducing vibration and wear.

Typical application areas:

  • General demolition
  • For use in medium and hard materials such as asphalt and concrete

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Breaker Type   Vibro-Reduced Vibro-Reduced
Breaker Version   Silenced Silenced
Shank Size  in 1⁄8 x 6 1/4 x 6
Weight  lb 93 93
Length in 30 30
Air Consumption cfm 85 85
Impact Rate  bpm 1110 1110
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10) m/s2 4.2  4.2
Sound Power Level Guaranteed, Lw (2000/14/EC) dB(A) 111  111
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) Lp, r=1m dB(A) 99 99
Part Number   AC-8461022805 AC-8461022804
    $1,550.00 $1,550.00


Spare Parts List
Safety and Operating Instructions


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Gauge - 1" Hex 3310150925 $20.48   Rock Drill Oil - 5 Gal RDO5G $102.00
Gauge - 1-1/8" Hex 3310150928 $20.48   Line Oiler LO-10PF $70.50
Hose Whip Assy w/ 3.7oz Lubricator TX7HW $92.15   Whip Check WCSML $12.50
Air King Universal Coupling AM8 $9.00   Contractors Air Hose AIRH-19-50R $90.00
Vacuum Dust Extraction Kit for Paving Breakers & Rock Drills PB-RD-VDEX-KIT $1,470.00   Hose Whip Assy w/ 11 oz Lubricator TX11HW $109.20
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