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TEX 140 PS Paving Breaker - 1 x4-1/4" Shank

The latest TEX series is a marriage of the best and most useful features, characteristics and performance of the breaker range it replaces, and a number of new, but well-proven features such as Atlas Copco's solid body concept and the two-step trigger, SOFSTART.

Solid body concept...The solid housing design contains fewer parts - and that means greater reliability.  It also allows for fast and exceptionally easy on-site service - a few basic tools are all you need.

PE Vibro-Reduced breakers...For the new PE breakers, with spring-mounted handles, we have further improved the vibration characteristics, decreasing the vibration emissions.  The new breakers are still as hard-hitting and reliable as the previous TEX seriers, but with greater operator confort and more productivity.

PS Breakers - noise reduced, standard breakers...These fixed-handle breakers feature all the advantages of the PE series except the vibro-reducing handles.  They are as hardy, reliable and productive as ever.

  • SOFSTART trigger - full chisel control...These breakers come with a two-step trigger that gives you full control when starting a cut - even under difficult conditions
  • Handling made easier - The air inlet swivel rotates easily, even when pressurized
  • Noise Reduction - The wear-resistant polyurethane silencer cuts noise emission by up to 75% (as compared to the same machine without noise reduction).  Its slim profile lets the operator see the point of the chisel and the work piece.
  • Air Cushioning - To reduce vibration and wear, the piston turns on air-cushions at either end of the cylinder.  When the machines are working off-load, this practically eliminates metal-to-metal contact.
  • Integrated Lubricator helps minimize tool wear and is excellent for cold conditions, when it can be used for anti-freeze, such as Atlas Copco AIR-OIL.  It holds enough lubricant for an entire shift.
  • Atlas Copco's HAPS system - By reducing the in-use vibration value of the machine, Atlas Copco's HAPS system decreases the negative effects of harmful vibration at a given trigger time.  The PE series machines allow up to 7 times the trigger time of conventional fixed-handled machines at a given level of vibration-exposure for the operator.


  • Service jobs
  • General demolition
  • For use in soft and medium hard material

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AC-8461022334 $1,035.00
Breaker Type Standard
Breaker Version Silenced
Shank Size (in) 1 x 4-14
Weight (lb) 34
Length (in) 23-732
Air Consumption (cfm) 52
Impact Rate (blows/min) 1530
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10)*, 1 lpm 15.2 m/s2
Sound Power Level Guarangeed, Lw (2000/14/EC)* 104 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203)* Lp, r=1m 91 dB(A)


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Spart Parts List
Safety and Operating Instructions



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