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TEX 09 PS Pick Hammer

Low Weight - High Productivity

Fitted with D-type handles, machines in the TEX 09 and TEX 12 series are the lightest and most productive medium-weight pick hammers in their class.

...With the Reliability You Need

TEX 09 and TEX 12 pick hammers are extremely reliable machines. Available in a variety of models, they go on giving the same high level of performance under the toughest conditions.

Wide Range of Choices


There are several versions to choose from, making it possible to cater to the needs in many different applications. All versions are silenced.


The TEX 09 and TEX 12 comes with a special two-step trigger that makes the job easier by giving you full chisel control.


  • Light-duty chipping and scaling work
  • Renovation and conversion work
  • Demolition

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AC-8461021102 $845.00
Hammer Type Pick Hammer
Hammer Version Standard
Tool Retainer  
Weight (lbs) 22
Length (in) 19-2132
Air Consumption (cfm) 39
Impact Rate (blows/min) 1800
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10) 16.1 m/s2
Sound Power Level Guaranteed, Lw (2000/14/EC) 103 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) Lp, r=1m 91 dB(A)
Shank Size (in) 78 x 3-14



Paving Breaker Tools



Spare Parts List
Safety and Operating Instructions



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