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RH 656W Rock Drill

Atlas Copco water flushed, pusher leg mounted rock drills are designed for driving drifts and tunnels with a small cross section. These well-proven rock drills are recognized for their high performance and reliability. They are intended for use for hole diameter range of 27 to 41 mm (1-1 58 in)with Hex 22 (78") rotation shank as a standard.  When used with Atlas Copco tapered button bits, penetration rate will improve some 25-50% compared to conventional integral steels and have three to five times longer service life. This cost-efficient, entry-level rock drill offers a good balance between low air consumption and high penetration. Supplied with a T-handle, the RH 656W can also be used as a sinker drill.


  • Suitable for soft to medium hard rock
  • Good ratio between high penetration/low air consumption
  • Due to low weight, it can also be used as a sinker. Supplied with T-handle
  • Robust rifle bar rotation mechanism
  • Pusher leg control is placed on the pusher leg
  • Drills up to 6 m depth


  • Production drilling
  • Mining and construction
  • Dimension stone industry
  • Blast hole and secondary drilling

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AC-8311030345   $2,200.00
Rock Drill Type   Underground Rock Drill
Rock Drill Version   Pusher Leg Rock Drill
Weight  lbs 48
Length Retracted in 25-2932
Air Consumption cfm 102
Impact Rate blows/min 240
Piston Diameter in 2-1732
Stroke Length  in 2-516
Largest Reaming Diameter  in 2-3132
Hole Diameter  in 1 - 1.6
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10) m/s² 21.2
Shank Size in 78 x 4-14


BMK 62S Pusher Leg Rock Drill AC-8321010202 $1,580.00


Tapered Drill Steel
Tapered Rock Bits


Spare Parts List
Safety and Operating Instructions


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