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RH 571-5LS Silenced Pneumatic Handheld Rock Drill - 7/8 x 4 1/4"

RH drills are designed for heavier jobs such as bench and secondary drilling, plus drilling for smooth blasting.

RH drills have a robust rifle-bar rotation mechanism and high impact energy for drilling hard rock.

The Right Drill for Your Application

The light-weight RH571 is perfect for smaller jobs. The RH 568, slightly heavier and more powerful is suitable for greater hole depths. The RH 572E combines light weight with extra operator comport, thanks to the vibration dampened handles and efficient silencer.

All models are equipped with T-handles for a solid, comfortable grip.

  • Built-in air-flushing gives faster blasting cycles
  • Stepless throttle for easy collaring
  • Robust kick-latch retainer - change steels quickly and easily
  • Spring-dampened handles reduce vibrations by 75%
  • Silencer in impact- and wear-resistant polyurethane reduces noise levels by more than 50%

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AC-8311030137 $2,000.00
Rock Drill Type Surface Rock Drill
Rock Drill Version Silenced
Weight (lbs) 42
Length (in) 20-116
Air Consumption (cfm) 83
Revolutions (rpm) 190
Pentration Rate -
Hose Connection (in) 34
Impact Rate (blows/min) 1980
Piston Diameter (in) 2-532
Stroke Length (in) 2-1132
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10) 23.2 m/s2
Sound Power Level Guaranteed, Lw (2000/14/EC) 112 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) Lp, r=1m 99 dB(A)
Shank Size (in) 78 x 4-14
H & D Threaded Steel and Bits
Spart Parts List
Safety and Operating Instructions
Rubber Hose with Coupling and Clamp 9030206500 $55.00
VAM 01 Water Seperator 8092011059 $128.00  
Hose Nipple - 34" 3115154300 $10.32
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