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Pneumatic Submersible Pumps

Air-powered pumps — for safe handling of liquids under difficult conditions

Pumps used for both clean and polluted liquids in the construction, mining and process industries have to satisfy stringent demands for quality and reliable operation.  They must be able to withstand difficult conditions with regard to both the surroundings and the media being conveyed, with a minimum of maintenance.

Atlas Copco's air-powered pumps meet the strictest requirements.  They are available in two basic designs, DIP centrifugal pumps and DOP diaphragm pumps.  Both types share a number of advantages.


  • Robust - Air-powered operation ensures superior resistance to dirt, damp and impurities.  DOP pumps are not affected by sand or gravel in the pump liquid, thus minimizing the risk of stoppage and the need for maintenance.
  • Cannot be damaged by overloading - An air-powered pump never runs the risk of damage from overloading.
  • Suitable in all kinds of environments -  These pumps contain no electrical components which can cause sparks, and do not leak oil or need any inflammable fuel.
  • Efficient - Air-powered operation gives very high capacity in relation to weight, which makes the pumps easy to transport and use in confined spaces.  They also improve overall economy by better utilizing the compressor capacity that is most often readily available.
  • Simple design - Atlas Copco's air powered pumps are of very simple design, which means simple handling, reliable operation and low maintenance requirements.


DOP Diaphragm Pumps

DOP Diaphragm Pumps

DOP diaphragm pumps are designed for the most polluted and viscous media, as well as highly abrasive and inflammable fluids.


  • Submersible
  • Easy to start despite sedimentation
  • Self-priming which means that unnecessary handling is avoided
  • Can handle large solid particles up to 30mm in diameter
  • Can be connected in series to increase the head
  • Pump housing made from aluminum alloy results in low weight
  • Easy to service - the valves are accessible for servicing without dismantling the chambers.

DOP diaphragm pumps are available in two different versions:

  • DOP 15N - an all-round pump for construction, mining and industrial applications.  The diaphragm and valve flaps are made of nitrile rubber.
  • DOP 15F - specially designed for the process industry, with fluorine (viton) rubber diaphragm and valve flaps.



DOP 15N Submerisble Pump AC-8492010149 $3,335.00 $1,000.00
Max Head ft 7
Max Flow  l/s 7
Max Air cfm 72
Weight lbs 68
Height in 23
Length in 15¼
Width in 13
Fluid Outlet in G 2½
Air Inlet in
Air Outlet in G1


DOP 15N and 15F Spare Parts List

DOP 15N and 15F Safety and Operating Instructions



Connection parts for lubricator CLG 30,  Valve, air hose - 34" x 10', incl. fittings 9030050090 $398.94
Reinforced spiral suction hose - 2-12" x 16', incl. fittings and strainer 3330006990 $949.53
Spare parts kit  3330007191 $1,098.07

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