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Choosing a Breaking Tool

Low weight - high productivity...Fitted with D-type handles, machines in the TEX 09 and TEX 12 series are the lightest and most productive medium-weight pick hammers in their class.
...with the reliability you need  TEX 09 and TEX 12 pick hammers are extremly reliable machines.  Available in a variety of models, they go on giving the same high level of performance under the toughest conditions.
Wide range of choices - There are several versions to choose from, making it possible to cater to the needs in many different applications.  All versions are silenced.
SOFSTART Trigger - The TEX 09 and TEX 12 come with a special two-step trigger that makes the job easier by giving you full chisel control.
Part Number Description
Tool Shank
Air Consumption
Impact Frequency
Tool Retainer Price
AC-8461021102 TEX 09PS 78 x 3 14 22 39 20 1800 Cap $855.00
AC-8461021106 TEX 09PS KL 78 x 3 14 22 39 20 1800 Latch $1,025.00 $668.00  
AC-8461021116 TEX 12 PS KL 78 x 3 14 12.3 545 21.3 1600 Latch $1,280.00  
9030204400 Short-Length Hose $94.69
3310120790 Repair Kit $23.74
Safety & Operating Instructions
Atlas Copco will not accept returns on line items of $90.00 or less
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