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LPP 10HD Post Puller

The post puller is used by road-maintenance contractors to repair barriers. With hardened jaws and automatic chain tightening clamp, the Atlas Copco post puller is ideal for removing all kinds of wooden or steel posts including IPE, HPE, and UPE profiles, plus round/square steel tubes. Pulling force up to 6 tonnes with an optional hand lever giving  a total pulling force of up to 10 tonnes.


  • Integrated jaw
  • Automatic chain tightening clamp
  • Total pulling force up to 10 tonnes
  • For removing:
    • Wooden posts
    • Steel posts (incl IPE, HPE and UPE profile)
    • Round/square steel tubes
    • Fence posts
    • Anchors


  • For removal of any pole, steel beam or tube with diameters up to 200mm (8 in).


AC-1801810003   $2,995.00
Weight, incl. hoses and chain  lbs 60
Oil Flow  gpm 5-10
Working Pressure  psi 1450-2321
Maximum Back Pressure  psi 435
Lift Capacity per Stroke  in .4-7.8
Pulling Force  lbs 13228
Full Pulling Force lbs 22046
EHTMA Class   C/D/E


Spare Parts List
Safety and Operating Instructions
Hydraulic Power Pac Information
Can I run this tool on my power source?


AC-1801163229 OFD 20 Oil Flow Divider $555.00   3371810140 Extension Pipe for Soft Soils $40.23
AC-1801164232 OFD 30 Oil Flow Divider $685.00   3371810141 Lever (0.8m) $357.46
AC-3371801087 Twin Extension Hose - 23' $790.56     3371810142 Pipe (1m) $86.49
AC-3371801089 Twin Extension Hose - 39' $1,000.90     3371810133 Prism $506.81
3371810148 Post Puller Lever Kit $766.04        

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