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LPD-HD-T & RV Heavy Duty Post Driver

Used for driving road barrier tubes, profiles, sign posts, fences and a wide range of anchors. The post drivers provide stable, powerful, high speed driving for a variety of post sizes.  When operated with an option hose-mounted remote-controlled valve, the drivers can be run with both open- or closed-center systems.


*To ensure that the tool is receiving the correct flow of 8 gpm, you will need OFD30 Oil Flow Divider.  Max flow in:  32 gpm; Max pressure:  3600 psi.  No warranty for tools damaged by over-pressure when run without an oil flow divider.

** For John Deere and Bobcat skidsteers that deliver between 16 and 30 gpm, pressure reduction hoses must be used in conjunction with the OFD.

*** FREE ground shipping within Continental United States


Description   LPT-HD-T LPD-HD-RV
Activation Type   Trigger Lever Remote Valve
Hydraulic System   Open Center Open/Closed Center
Weight, incl. hoses lbs 86 88
Service Weight, with Square Adapter lbs 86 88
Oil Flow gpm 7.4-10.57 7.4-10.57
Working Pressure psi 1523-1813 1523-1813
Impact Rate at 30 l/min bpm 1320 1320
Piston/Rod Diameter in 2.76-5.91 2.76-5.91
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10)*, 20 lpm m/s² 20.1 n/a
Sound Power level Guaranteed, Lw (2000/14/ED) dB(A) 118 118
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203)* Lp, r=1lm dB(A) 105 105
EHTMA Class   D/E D/E
Part No   AC-1801414000 AC-1801415000
    $2,995.00 $2,995.00


Spare Parts List
Safety & Operating Instructions
Hydraulic Power Packs
Can I run this tool with my power source?


Solid Round Adaptor for 6" Tubes 3371806052 QUOTE   OFD20 Oil Flow Divider AC-1801163229 $555.00
Solid Round Adaptor for 5.3" Tubes 3371806053 $499.39   OFD30 Oil Flow Divider AC-1801164232 $685.00
Solid Round Adaptor for 4.15-4.5" Tubes 3371806054 QUOTE   Twin Extension Hose - 23' AC-3371801087 $752.91
Solid Round Adaptor for 6" Poles 3371806055 $647.90   Twin Extension Hose AC-3371801089 $953.23
Rectangular Guide Adaptors for IPE/Sigma/C 100mm Beams 3371806045 $589.88   Accumulator Kit 3371821024 $281.90
Rectangular Guide Adaptors for IPE/C 120mm Beams 3371806046 $594.08   Accumulator Repair Kit 3310101845 QUOTE
Round Guide Adaptors for 2.5" Tubes and Poles 3371806047 $663.10   Trigger Valve Kit 3371820053 $353.63
Round Guide Adaptors for 3.0" Tubes and Poles 3371806048 $887.79   Complete Connection Hose 3371801083 $173.87
Round Guide Adaptors for 3.5" Tubes and Poles 3371806049 $576.35   Seal Kit 3371820087 $118.04
Round Guide Adaptors for 4.0" Tubes and Poles 3371806050 $893.22   Label Kit 3371821259 QUOTE
Round Guide Adaptors for 5.0" Tubes and Poles 3371806051 $588.29   Filling Device Kit 3371801155 $3,037.13