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Choosing a Rock Drill

Combining power and maneuverability, the lightweight BBD 12 hand-held rock drill is the perfect partner in a wide variety of applications where maneuverability and easy handling are important.  Available in two models, one for horizontal drilling and one for vertical-down drilling, the BBD guarantees powerful, reliable and flexible operation.

Equipped with a D-type handle, the BBD 12D is ideal for horizontal drilling, plug hole drilling, and drilling concrete to a maximum depth of 3 feet.

For vertical-down drilling to 10 feet in depth, Atlas Copco offers the BBD 12T, fitted with a T-type handle, slightly angled to provide the best grip.  The BBD 12T is perfect for concrete driling, drilling for smooth blasting, and seam driling.  All BBD models are equipped with kick-latch type drill-steel retainers for quick and easy steel changing.

Part No. Description Shank size (in) Weight (lb) Length (in) Air consumption (cfm) Impact frequency (bpm) Rotation speed (rpm) Penetration rate (in/min) Hose connection (in) Price
AC-8311010247 BBD 12D 34 x 4 14 22 22 14 51.1 2580 220 10 58 $2,115.00
AC-8311010280 BBD 12DS Silenced 34 x 4 14 24 22 14 46.9 2520 220 8 58 $2,220.00
AC-8311010295 BBD 12T-01 78 x 4 14 24 20 51.1 2580 220 6 58 $2,115.00
AC-8311010298 BBD 12TS-01 Silenced 78 x 4 14 27 20 46.9 2520 220 6 58 $2,290.00

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Atlas Copco Light Weight Rock Drill