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LPD-LD Ground Rod Driver - Perfect for Ground Rods

Using standard 16 or 25mm bushings will turn the LPD-LD into a perfect ground rod driver

PTFE type guide bushings reduces damage on the zinc or copper surface on ground rods

High frequency driving for less damage on top of rod, assuring better connecting of next rod

The integrated anvil hits directly on top of ground rod or anchor

Press-down handle for easy start/driving

Light weight - easy to lift and operate

Operates with max power on 5 gpm flows

Easy replacement bushing or drive adaptors - remove split-pin and pin and replace bushing with new size or a drive adaptor coverts the LPD-LD into a ground rod, fence stake or pole/tube driver.

"Can I Run Your Hydraulic Tools on My Power Source?" Find Out
  Ground Rod Driver
Activation type    By Handle Bar
Weight (incl. tail hoses)
Service Weight with Adaptor lb 40
Length in. 19
Working pressure
Oil flow
Max Pressure Relief Valve Setting psi 2500
Max Backflow Pressure psi 150
Impact rate
EHTMA class   C
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10) m/s2 17.5
Sound Power Level Guaranteed (2000/14/ED) Lw, dBA 116 
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) Lp, r=1m 102
  Price: $1,835.00
LPD LD Ground Rod Driver Parts Breakdown


Round Bushing - 58"
3371806056 $QUOTE
Round Bushing - 1"
3371806057 $62.00
Round Driver Head - 2-12" (for poles or tubes)
3371806058 $175.00


skid steer high back pressure paving breakers** NEW **
Now you can use your skid steer, backhoe, excavator or tractor to power your Ground Rod Driver. These tools are designed to work with high back pressure and represent a breakthrough in versatility.
  • These units are able to work on a maximum return/back pressure of 400 PSI (200 PSI for non-high back pressure units)
  • Flow requirement of 8 gpm (Same as non-high back pressure units)
  • Working pressure at approximately 1500 to 1800 PSI with maximum relief valve setting at 2200 PSI. (Same as non-high back pressure units)
  • *To ensure that the tool is receiving the correct flow of 8 gpm, you will need OFD 30 Oil flow divider part #1801 1642 32 Oil flow Divider (Max flow in: 32 gpm; max. pressure: 3,600 psi). No warrantee for tools damaged by over pressure when run without an oil flow divider
  • **For John Deere and Bobcat skidsteer that deliver between 16 and 30GPM. Pressure Reduction Hoses must be used in conjunction with the OFD.
OIL DIVIDERS (Required with all skidsteer)    
  Use your auxillary hydraulics port to power your hydraulic tools by connecting an oil divider and extension hoses.
Part Number  Description 
Max oil flow rate 
Regulated oil flow rate 
EHTMA class  Price
AC-1801163229 OFD 20 Oil flow divider 15.85 5.3-6.6 C
AC-1801164232 OFD 30 Oil flow divider  31.00 6.0-10 D
Operating Instructions
Extension Hoses  
By adding one or two 23' extension hoses, you can use up to 70' of hose with no significant drop in pressure.  The hoses are light and flexible.  They are fitted with flat-face, quick-release couplings. 
(Extension hoses come standard with LP9-20 and LP13-30P Power Pacs)
Part Number  Description  Length (ft)
Couplings: flat face quick release 
EHTMA class  Price
AC-3371801087 23' Twin Extension Hose 23 12 C/D $442.00
AC-3371801089 39' Twin Extension Hose 39 12 C/D $558.00
 Atlas Copco will not accept returns on line items of $90.00 or less

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