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Heavy Weight (50lb Class) Rock Drills

Choosing a Rock Drill

Whether you are in construction or quarrying, you want a rock drill that is productive, comfortable and safe. Meet the new generation of surface rock drills, the SRD range.  

  • Single body design - More reliability and easier to service.  This solid housing eliminates leakeages and increases the lifetime of the cylinder.  You can (dis)assemble the SRD easily, so service becomes a breeze.
  • Assisted Flushing Technology - Uninterruped drilling and 17% more productivity.  Turn the flashing valve open to active the SRD's Assisted Flushing Technology.  This allows an additional flow of compressed air through a pathway in the cylinder, flushing the drill hole without interrupting operations.
  • Ergonomic handles - 50% lower hand and arm vibrations.  Lower vibrations mean more comfort and you can work longer with your drill.  An SRD drill has a vibration level that is 50% lower than that of a comparable RH rock drill of the previous generation.
  • Improved silencer - Noise redutions with 2dB may not seem a lot, but it makes a lot of difference, especially if you run more than one drill at the same time.
  • Quick tool changes - kick-latch retainers allow you to quickly and easily swap tools.
  • Comfortable drilling - built-in silencers, a lightweight design and vibration reducers ensure safe and comfortable operations.  Thanks to HAPS (Hand and Arm Vibration Protection System), vibrations are reduced up to 75%.
  • Balanced performance - these surface4 rock drills are designed for excellent balance, without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Quarrying 
  • Production drilling
  • Mining


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Part No. Description Shank size (in) Weight (lb)

Length (in)

Air consumption (cfm) Impact frequency (bpm) Rotation speed (rpm) Price
AC-8311032509 SRD 25E 1 x 41/4 60 24  106  2040  215 $2,150.00
AC-8311032510 SRD 25E 7/8 x 41/4 60 24 106  2040 215  $2,150.00

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