These powerful, light and compact saws can be used to cut through concrete, asphalt and steel. Their simple hydraulic design with direct drive reduces maintenance, especially in comparison with belt-driven saws. They are easy to use thanks to the open cutting face, even under the most demanding conditions. With a lightweight cart you can use the saws for floor, road and other light surface jobs.

    LS-14 LS-16
Part Number   AC-1809014001 AC-1809016000
Weight, incl hose lb 26.5 28.7
Oil Flow gpm 5-8 5-10
Rotation Speed rpm 2500-4000 2000-4000
Speed ft/s 151-246 138-279
Disc Size in 14 16
Arbor Size in 1 1
Cutting Depth in 5.3 6.3
EHTMA Class   C/D C/D/E
Price   $1,920.00 $2,060.00
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Walk Behind Cart   AC-1809001001 $1,135.00
 Concrete Disc 14" 3378005052 $45.85  
 Steel Disc 14" 3378005053 $1,314.62  
 Concrete Disc 16" 3371809727  $354.44
 Asphalt Disc 16" 3371809726  $354.44
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