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BBD 94W Feed Leg Drill

Atlas Copco water flushed, pusher leg mounted rock drills are designed for driving drifts and tunnels with a small cross section. These well-proven rock drills are recognized for their high performance and reliability. They are intended for use for hole diameter range of 27 to 41 mm (1-1 58 in)with Hex 22 (78") rotation shank as a standard.  When used with Atlas Copco tapered button bits, penetration rate will improve some 25-50% compared to conventional integral steels and have three to five times longer service life. With its short stroke and high impact rate, the BBD 94 is ideal for working softer rock. This drill is comparatively short and provides an outstanding power-to-weight ratio thanks to its ratchetwheel rotation percussion mechanism.

Features & benefits

  • High performance rock drill for soft to hard rock
  • Short stroke and high impact rate makes it ideal for soft rock
  • Large piston diameter for high efficiency even at low air pressure
  • Ratchet wheel rotation mechanism
  • Pusher leg control is placed on the pusher leg


  • Production drilling
  • Mining and construction
  • Dimension stone industry

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AC-8311020237 $4,385.00
Rock Drill Type Underground Rock Drill
Rock Drill Version Pusher Leg Rock Drill
Weight (lbs) 62
Length (in) 26-38
Air Consumption (cfm) 206
Impact Rate (blows/min) 3300
Piston Diameter (in) 3-1732
Stroke Length (in) 1-34
Largest Reaming Diameter (in) 2-3132
Hole Diameter (in) 1 - 1.6
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10) 15 m/s2
Sound Power Level Guaranteed, Lw (2000/14/EC) 125 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) Lp, r=1m 114 dB(A)
Shank Size (in) 78 x 4-14
ALF 72D Pusher Leg Rock Drill AC-8321020180 $1,800.00
ALF 72D-1 Pusher Leg Rock Drill AC-8321020181 $1,800.00
ALF 67/80D Pusher Leg Rock Drill AC-8321020169 $QUOTE
Tapered Drill Steel
Tapered Rock Bits
Spart Parts List
Safety and Operating Instructions
BLG 30 Lubricator - mineral and synthetic oil 8202510205 $212.77
VAM 5A Water Seperator with US Claw Couplings 8092011083 $580.00  
Pressure Gauge for Compressed Air & Water Pressure 9090055080 $491.47  
Chuck Bushing Gauge 9238270790 $1.10  
Seal Kit 3121500092 $QUOTE  
Machine Attachment Kit 3122039180 $QUOTE  
Conversion to Air Flushing Kit 3115287890 $QUOTE  
Side Bolt Kit 3121500029 $QUOTE
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