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ALF 67/80 Pusher Leg

Pusher legs must be light, yet strong. Standard aluminium is light, but it just isn’t tough enough to meet our high demands. Atlas Copco ALF 67/80 pusher leg is made with an alloy that was developed for use in spacecrafts. Not only is it strong, but it features a large piston diameter for high feed force. A simple, robust design for reliable operation and a minimum maintenance.

Features & benefits

  • Double-telescopic leg for long reach
  • Piston diameter 67 and 80 mm (2 4164 and 3 532 in)
  • Simple to connect


  • Production drilling
  • Mining and construction
  • Dimension stone industry

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AC-8321020185 $1,800.00
Pusher Leg Type Double Telescope
Feeding Length (in) 73
Length Extracted (in) 131-78
Length Retracted (in) 58-2732
Weight (lbs) 37
Piston Diameter (in) 3-18
Double Acting No
Feed Control on Leg No
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